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Briggs & Stratton

Company Information

From Briggs & Stratton:

Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, the Company designs, manufactures, markets, and services these products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

Briggs & Stratton Power Products

For over 100 years Briggs & Stratton has been building powerful and reliable engines. Now we're using this experience to build powerful and reliable outdoor power equipment.



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Model Numbers

On Briggs & Stratton engines look for the Model, Type, and Code numbers. These three sets of numbers will be together as all three are needed to properly identify the engine.

Example Numbers:

Model: 303447
Type: 1234-01
Code: 01061201

Briggs & Stratton has various engine sizes, applications, and designs from numerous years of manufacturing - resulting in a range of places the numbers could be. Common spots for these numbers include:

Mower Engines

  • At the front of the flywheel blower housing (under any shrouding), usually above the spark plug on lawnmowers
  • On a metal plate above the muffler on newer lawnmowers
Plate close up

Single Cylinder Engines - Tractors, Riders, Zero Turns, etc

  • OHV rocker cover
OHV rocker
OHV rocker close up

Twin Cylinder Engines - Tractors, Riders, Zero Turns, etc

  • Primary cylinder's OHV rocker cover
OHV rocker
OHV rocker close up

Snowblower Engines

  • On a metal engine plate
  • On the OHV rocker cover
Plate close up
Rocker cover
Rocker cover close up

Briggs & Stratton Power Products Model Numbers

Briggs & Stratton Power Products use a model and serial number to identify their equipment. The identification numbers, along with some additional information about the product, are on a sticker. Some common places for the sticker include:

Generators - Portable

  • On the frame near the wheels


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