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Husqvarna has existed since 1689; however, it began Outdoor Power Equipment production with chainsaws in 1978 after being aquired by Electrolux. Since then Husqvarna has agressively expanded it's line to become one of the leading global producers of Outdoor Power Equipment.



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Model Numbers

Husqvarna uses a product model and serial to identify equipment. Husqvarna also uses a 9 digit product id (or sku) number that is unique for each product type (changes by year, production changes, etc). Serial numbers have changed styles over the years; but, are a collection of numbers.


Model: 372XP
Serial: 2002 8642793
Product ID: 966 42 86-00

In order to get correct parts for equipment you should have all three numbers. Some common places, and styles, include:


  • Identification numbers are on a small metal plate riveted to the body
  • Near the muffler on the bar oil cap side
  • In the sprocket area (under the brake cover or on the outside in that area)


  • Identification numbers are on a sticker
  • Usually near the back of the deck where the handles mount


  • Identification numbers are on a sticker
  • Usually on the frame under the seat


  • The style for identification numbers changes between trimmers. Identification numbers are either on a sticker or a metal tag like with chainsaws

  • On the engine block (used by the plates)
  • On the shrouding of the engine (more for the stickers)




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