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To order parts for your equipment keep in mind that everything in this industry works by part number. If you do not have the part number we will require your equipment's identification numbers. These numbers are different for each manufacturer and are in various locations. You can find information about these numbers on the respective manufacturer's page under the manufacturer section. If you contact us without these numbers we will request you search your machine or your owners manual to obtain them. If you no longer have your manual (or never had one) and the numbers on your equipment are too badly worn to read then we may not be able to help you. There are some common parts that we will be able to recognize without a part number, however; if it is not a standard maintenance item, nor a part we have to service very often then we will most likely not be able to identify it.


Regular maintenance is required to prevent a machine from failing under normal operating conditions. Bringing in your machine yearly for a tune-up will provide many benefits. Regular maintenance greatly extends the life of your equipment, produces easier starting, keeps the machine running within tolerance limits (which prevents excessive wear), will allow us to detect wear on normal wear items before they damage more expensive components, and most importantly - provides you with the knowledge that your equipment is in good condition and will get the job finished without breaking.


Before bringing your equipment in for service there are a few things to note. The list below is an overview of the information you can find in the following paragraphs.

  1. Sharpenings
  2. Diagnostics Fees
  3. Estimates
  4. Approximate Wait Time
  5. Premium Service
  6. Maintenance Packages


Sarpenings for lawnmower / lawntractor blades and chainsaw chains fall into two categories: off the equipment or on the equipment. Blades and chains that are off of equipment cost $14 per sharpening. Blades and chains on equipment are $24 per sharpening. In both cases we will sharpen the blade or chain usually the following morning.

Diagnostics Fee

We charge a diagnostics fee for all incoming equipment, unless it is a warranty or maintenance situation, or the equipment is brand new. For chainsaws, lawnmowers, trimmers, and other small equipment the charge is 50 dollars. For tractors, snowblowers, and generators the charge is 100 dollars.


If your equipment has a few things wrong with it or we think that you might be into a large bill we will suggest an estimate. The estimate charge is the same as the diagnostics fee: $50 for small equipment and $100 for larger equipment. The estimate fee is an up front fee, once paid we will check your equipment for anything that is in need of repair. If your equipment has a specific problem you want fixed then we will focus on that and watch for other things along the way. If we hit the amount paid we will stop our estimate, asses what we have found so far and report back to you with what we have found. When we discus what we have found we will provide our guess on what price range you are probably looking at to finish the repair. If you decide to have the equipment fixed the estimate charge is not a separate fee, it will be taken off the final bill at the end of the job.

Wait Time

The approximate wait time is exactly that - the approximate amount of time before we are able to service your equipment. There is no way we can know for sure that we will be able to service your equipment on a given day (although the premium service is an exeption to this) due to the fact that we don't know how serious some jobs are until we begin them. This time may decrease if we quickly get through what we thought would be a major job. On the other hand, the time may increase if we encounter a lot of large jobs.

Premium Service

Premium service adjusts our normal labour rate of $80 so you may have your equipment serviced before we would regularly be working on it. During the busy time of a season it can take anywhere from two to four weeks before we will be able to work on equipment coming in. At the Express Service labour rate of $120 per hour we will look at your equipment within three busness days. Premium Services increase the labour rate to $160 per hour and places a higher priority on your equipment - we will work on it within one busness day. As stated above the different tiers of service only garuntee that we will work on your equipment within the designated time. If apon inspection we discover the equipment requires parts that we do not stock then they will be ordered immediatly and repairs will be completed when the parts are recieved.


We offer set maintenance package prices on Chainsaws, Mowers, Tractors, and Snowblowers. The Maintenance Packages are catagorized into Basic and Premium packages. Premium maintenance packages also provide you with our premium labour service at our regular labour rate for the duration of the current season.

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