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Model Numbers

Snapper uses a model, part, and serial number system to identify their products. Snapper's model number is a product name that stays the same from year to year. The model is usually also found on the hoods of tractors and other visible places for different equipment. The part number is specific to each machine version (production changes and different years will change this number). When looking for parts the machine's part number and serial number are needed for your specific breakdown.

Example Numbers:

Model: LT2250
Part: 7695082
Serial: 1781634972

These numbers are located on a sticker attached to various places depending on the equipment. Common sticker locations:

  • On the mower deck. Newer mowers usually place it towards the back left wheel (from operator's position).
  • On the frame, at the back, near the seat.
  • On the side of the frame beams below the hood.
  • Note: On larger garden tractors (Snapper GT series) decks are considered another attachment and not included with the tractor by default with a new purchase. If you have a garden tractor with a deck, and are after deck parts, your deck will have it's own model number and sticker.
Rear-Engine Riders:
  • On the frame bar below the seat.
Zero Turns:
  • On the frame around the engine under the hood.
  • On the motor mount box, at the rear of the machine, between where the handles connect. You can see it from operator's position if it's located here.

Snapper equipment uses Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, or Honda engines. Information on Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki model numbers can be found on the Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki manufacturer's pages.


Product Consumer Use Professional Use
SE Mowers 2 Years None
Mulching and Hi-Vac Mowers 2 Years 90 Days
Commercial Mowers 2 Years 1 Year
Rear Engine Riders 2 Years 90 Days
LT125 Series 2 Years None
LT200 Series 2 Years 90 Days
Zero Turns
150Z Series 2 Years 90 Days
Chipper / Shredder
Leaf Blower

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