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The original Tecumseh company that made the Snow King engines got out of the small engine industry in 2008. The Snow King name and some parts casts were taken over by another company; but, not all parts are available anymore.


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Model Numbers

Tecumseh uses a model, specification (spec), and dom number to identify their engines. The model and spec are needed for parts.

Example Numbers:

  • Model: HMSK100
  • Spec: 684123A

The numbers can be in different locations depending on the age and type of engine.

4 Strokes: 1990's and Earlier

These engines usually have the numbers stamped into the top/front of the blower housing near the spark plug. On mowers the housing usually also has shrouding over it from the equipment manufacturer. Older snowblowers that have seen some paint touch ups might require some cleaning to be able to read. The numbers below, from a snowblower engine, show the stamped numbers above the electric starter switch and below the spark plug wire.

4 Strokes: Newer Engines

These engines went to a sticker identification. The sticker is usually on the side of the blower housing. On snowblower engines it is towards the bottom.

2 Stroke Engines

Tecumseh's 2 stroke engines used a sticker placed on the side of the blower housing. The sticker usually isn't covered with anything, which can lead to them being worn off.

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