Well....here we go. For quite some time we have been saying "we need to start a blog". This is the start.
There is so much information on outdoor power equipment that many people just get confused. Much of this information is incorrect. It may be an honest mistake, corporate spin, marketing or relying on people who seem to know what they are talking about but are misinformed. Trusting friends or neighbors can be hit and miss depending on their level of knowledge. Online sources vary wildly in the quality of information. Major retailers do not employ product specialists who are experts in their field. Even consumer reports can be misleading. Why is the blue piece of equipment rated a best buy but the exact same piece of equipment in green is rated poorly? It makes life difficult for the average person to make an informed decision when it comes to equipment. My goal with this blog is to take the common questions that I hear all the time and provide the best advice. I have over 30 years of industry experience, am a licensed Marine and Small Powered Technician, certified Briggs & Stratton Master Technician and have operated Saulco Enterprises for the last 15 years. Myself and our technicians spend many days every year in service schools operated by the various manufacturers we represent. This keeps us current with the rapidly changing field of outdoor power equipment. Additionally I am also on the OPE Council for the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). This provides me with a wide perspective of the outdoor power equipment field.
The opinions I have here are my own. I hope to provide honest, practical advice that will help you select, use and properly care for your equipment.