Labour Rate

Labour: $110 per hour


Diagnostic Fee

We charge a diagnostics fee upon recieving most incoming equipment which is applied towards final invoices:

  • • Small Equipment (chainsaws, walk behind mowers): $100
  • • Larger Equipment (generators, lawn tractors, snowblowers): $150


Wait Time

The shop has a queue of work. New work brought in is at the back of our queue and will have an approximate wait time before we are able to service your equipment. Any time mentioned is only a guess as we don't know how serious some jobs are until we begin them. If work needs to be done by a specific time ask about our Premium Service rates or scheduling an appointment.


Cut Off Value

We use a cut off value to limit work. To only perform an estimate the diagnostic fee can be used as the cut off value. The cut off value should be set at an amount where you start to consider whether the equipment is worth the repair. Estimates, and approvals, add time to work orders and delay shop work. A good cut off gives us room to work while catching any major repairs before they turn into a huge bill. We have rough values we suggest for various types of equipment. For some issues we may have a rough amount based on previous repairs.



Regular maintenance is required to prevent a machine from failing under normal operating conditions. Bringing in your machine yearly for a tune-up will provide many benefits. Regular maintenance greatly extends the life of your equipment, produces easier starting, keeps the machine running within tolerance limits (which prevents excessive wear), will allow us to detect wear on normal wear items before they damage more expensive components, and most importantly - provides you with the knowledge that your equipment is in good condition and will get the job finished without breaking. See our maintenance articles for information on those packages.